10 Habits Most Of The Healthy And Fit People Have

Well,some people seem fit, beautiful always and that too effortlessly. We find numerous such people around us, be it office or your social circle or even admire the celebs for their beautiful figures and glassy skin types.

At last we take a deep breath of sigh and justify that they were born flawless and gifted with good figures. This excuse we have been making from ever since we met such people till now. Nothing is effortless yet flawless. These people understand and try to bring conscious changes in their lifestyles to be they way they are.

Here are the 10 habits that most of the healthy & fit people follow:

1.They Don’t DIET ~ You wouldn’t have ever seen lean and fit people following crash diets but they make wiser food choices like cutting down junk completely, avoiding sugar in drinks instead replacing with black coffee, green tea etc, eating in a time phased manner not munching whenever they like.

2. STAY OFFLINE ~ Well you might find their beautiful pictures on social portals but definitely they take out time to take care of themselves by keep away from the internet and finishing their daily self care routines.

3.Water and lots of WATER ~ There is not much science, it’s simple like you cleanse your outside body by bathing, drinking lots of water cleanses your body from inside by removing all the toxins and unwanted substances. Just think.! If you avoid bathing a few days your body stinks and becomes dirty. Understand.! Not drinking sufficient water does WHAT shit to your body from inside. That too you haven’t been drinking enough since years, so you are sure to have numerous diseases.

4.Active lifestyle ~ The fit and pretty people you admire have one thing in common, they are not always slouching on a couch watching something or binging all the time.They have a pretty active lifestyle. They make sure they are either regularly going to gym, zumba class, yoga or even a simple walk. They indulge themselves in some physical activity everyday.

5.They Are Good PLANNERS ~ Hmm..You might think what has it to do with being fit and healthy. Well it does have to. Even their life is as normal as yours. Even they have the normal daily tasks.Even they party,socialise and travel. But they plan well in advance how to minimally disturb their healthy lifestyle even if they are outing or partying. They find the alternatives. I.e. they opt for healthier food choices, they they carry their homemade snack packs to avoid outside junk. Such simple plans they make. You can find numerous such healthy choices in other blog posts of this page.

6. MEDITATE ~ You might not be aware but many of them meditate to stay calmer and cheerful.Meditation takes away the negativity from life and re-energises you for your life ahead.

7.SNOOZE ON TIME ~ Now you get it. Many such people have early morning healthy habits like doing morning yoga, having a detox drink, going for a jog etc. Well you would have seen many such people will be early risers and not night owls, so that they can execute the tasks they have planned for the day. So early to bed and early to rise is merely not a saying but a thoughtfull teaching that we need to abide by.

8.They SURROUND themselves with HEALTHY PEOPLE ~ Company does matters. Surrounding yourself with healthy people infuses in you a motivation to be like them. Also it keeps you going because of your active surroundings and doesn’t let you get bored of living a healthy lifestyle.
Also if you stay with inactive people you borrow their habits and nothing would motivate you to be better. So be wise while choosing the company you are in.

9.They STAY POSITIVE ~ Everyone has their own challenges in life but some take it as race to win and some as a fight. Things don’t change but our positive perspective makes things lot easier. Also staying positive also doesn’t let you divert from the healthy path you have chosen. While negativity disturbs your peaceful state and makes you forget your motives.

10. They make SMARTER SWITCHES to HEALTHY HABITS- They live a completely normal lifestyle without over stressing. It’s just that what they choose in their lives is a smarter and sustainable way to live then others. They choose a fleet of stairs over lift, choose exercising over internet surfing etc and many more.

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7 Effective Remedies To Reduce High Uric Acid Levels Permanently

Increased levels of uric acid in bloodstream or hyperuricemia has become a common problem among the people.Previously it was a middle aged disease.But now people aged between 25-35 have also become a victim of it.

What is uric acid?
Uric acid is a by-product of purine and it accumulates in the blood if not excreted. This causes inflammation of joints and in long tenure may be a cause of gout. Gout may be caused due to slow metabolism or due to diseases like anemia, diabetes, tumors etc.

Uric acid levels:
Normal values in the blood:
3.5 to 7.0 mg/dL
2.5 to 5.7 mg/dL

There are various remedies with which you can cure uric acid naturally and permanently.

1.Apple cider vinegar – Have 1 -2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glassful of water 2 times a day. Slowly and gradually it will effectively help in reducing uric acid levels of blood.

2. Water – Increasing the water intake and having 9- 10 glasses of water in a day, helps to flush out the excess uric acids in kidneys. Drinking less water may decrease the excretion of uric acid from the blood stream.

3.Lower purine foods – In case you are a patient of high uric acid levels, ensure to decrease the purine rich foods in your diet. These foods include spinach, legumes, mushrooms, fish, meat.

4.High levels of Vitamin C and E may help decrease the uric acid.

5.Avoid junk foods from your diet since they make the digestive system poor and also decrease the functions of body, which may lead to excessive storage of toxins like uric acids.

6.Regular Exercise – A small yet regular exercise routine may set the body functions right specially kidney,liver and may help in eliminate toxins effectively, also lesser generation of them.

7.High fibre foods – High fibre foods, salads considerably help in controlling the uric acid and also increase the uric acid excretion. Also high fibre digests the food better, so the chances of unwanted toxins generation and accumulation decrease.

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Belly fat melting detox drink – 15 days challenge

When the desk jobs and the sedentary lifestyles take a toll on your health and land you up into disproportionate figure with a never subsiding and an ever bulging belly, we always go on some crash rescue operations. These times we often starve ourselves to death with the fashionable fad diets that are high on NOTHING or any nutritional benefit…

So here is a soothing detox drink, few glasses of which can really help you liquidate your bulged belly and will set your gut power right..Also this helps you shed a few pounds..

Remember this is not a quick fix, but involves deep cleansing of your stomach engines that is your poor sick intestines, thereby making them spick and span to function more powerful and better.

Here goes the magic recipe 😍

  1. 1.5 litres of water.
  2. Boil 1 spoon of green tea leaves.
  3. Add 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar.
  4. Half sliced lemon with the peel.
  5. Half Orange sliced up with the peel.
  6. Half spoon of turmeric.

Mix the ingredients and allow to rest for an hour. Post an hour, finish the drink within 2- 3 hours of prep.

Try this vitamin C refreshing drink in continuation for 15 days and see the effect.

Points to note: –

  1. Avoid oily and junk food for this duration.
  2. Take a picture of your belly before starting this detoxification and post completion of it.
  3. Do post pictures in the comment section if you find the change.

Take care people. Spead love around.

Tadaaaa !!!


Fat Burning Detox Drink


•350 ml of Water
•1-2 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
•1 Tablespoon fresh Lemon Juice
•1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
•1/2 Teaspoon sweetener (I use a Stevia Raw Sugar packet)
•Half of an apple (sliced)


Put all of the ingredients (not including the Apples) in the blender and blend for about 10 seconds.
Add slices of Apple
Drink and then eat the apple slices! They will taste yummy.

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