Sandwich –  A short story

​I sat close to the fountain and enjoyed the soft drizzle ,everytime wind blew.I saw a girl playing with her doll ,combing its hair and giving it a dress up. She rose towards the bench,unboxed her lunch box and took the sandwiches out.

A boy came from from the gate and grabbed her doll,lowered to his bag.
On noticing ,her face turned red , she stood up and slapped him.But later relaxed her expressions.

He was a ragpicker who wore battered clothes and a plastic bag to collect the litter and leftovers.
His bag full of papers and household wastes. She said sorry and soothed his face where she slapped.
She said”You can keep the doll to play with but take care of yourself and the doll”.
She picked her sandwiches and moved them towards him.The boy was shocked as he expected, hostile behaviour and hatred but 

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Incredible Remedies To Cure Wrinkles 

Wrinkles occur with aging. It happens when the regeneration of collagen in the skin slows down. As a consequence, the skin appears wrinkled or creased. Free radicals and UV rays speed up the process.

Although, there are may remedies which can be availed to slow down aging or formation of wrinkles. So don’t be disheartened. Just follow a few effective remedies  listed below.

1. Regular application of coconut oil before going to bed, helps in retaining skin moisture and restores the youthfulness of skin. Also over a period of time, decreases the wrinkles.

2. Apply lemon juice several times a day to get rid of wrinkles.

3. Soak some almonds overnight. Make a paste and add honey to it. Apply it on your face and keep it for sometime. Scrub it before washing your face.

4. Take a spoonful of honey, add vitamin E oil. Add a few drops of lemon and some milk powder. Apply this mask on the face and leave it gor 15 – 20 mins. It reduces dark spots and decreases wrinkles on skin.

5. Apply mashed papaya directly onto the affected area. Let it there be on the skin for 20 minutes and wash it off.

6. Apply beaten egg whites on wrinkles skin. Let it dry and wash off.

7. Make powder of dry orange peels and apply this with milk cream.

8. Keep the skin hydrated. Drink 7 – 8 glasses of  water as it accelerates skin regeneration.

So do try these simple measures as they are very effective in curing wrinkles.

 Take care.. Stay fit and beautiful..☺

Effective remedies for fading away dark spots or hyperpigmentation..

Dark spots is medically termed as hyperpigmentation ,which occurs when the skin is exposed to sun. It causes increase in production of melanocyte cells, causing darkening of skin or black spots. In few cases, it can also be a sign of aging.

There are unlimited cosmetics options  available in the market to conceal these spots but may be of no avail in the long run . Also can be a reason for skin damage ,if used for long.

So below are few simple and effective natural tips ,which aid in vanishing these dark spots.

1. Combination of 4 teaspoons of butter milk and 2 teaspoons of tomato juice serves as an effective solution to fade away dark spots.

2. Massaging the pigmented area with vitamin E oil works wonders in eliminating acne scars and brown spots from face. Similarly, honey can also be applied.

3. Mix some sandalwood powder in rose water to make a paste and apply this on your neck and face to eliminate age spots on skin.

4. Prepare an exfoliating mask by mixing milk ,honey and oatmeal. Apply it on face and neck for ten minutes and rinse it off.

5. Lemon a citurs fruit acts as a bleaching agent. Applying lemon juice is great home remedy for black spots on face.

6. Aloe vera has healing powers. It’s constant usage can help in fading away of dark spots.
Try these methods regulary at your home for 15 – 20 days and you will begin to notice a change.
So bye guys ..Take care. Stay fit and beautiful..!!