Effective remedies to vanish acne.

If you have pimple prone skin,the below remedies can help you clear out your pimples. Go through some below easy and effective remedies.

Mix 1 spoon of lemon juice and 1 spoon of honey .Apply this on pimples as well as the spots left out by pimples.

Clove is a great spice that can solve the pimple problems. Take a few cloves and make them into fine powder. Add water to it, to make a thick paste and apply it on the pimples for 15- 20 mins.Wash it off once dry. Try it 2 times a day.

Ice cubes can shrink the inflammation and redness of pimples and make them less noticeable.

Honey has anti microbial activity, so it is a great remedy for acne prone skin. Dab a small amount of honey on the pimples and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes.

Neem leaves are very effective in treating pimples. Make a paste of neem leaves and apply on the targeted pimples. Wash the face once dry. 

Make sure you do not touch or scratch your pimples. Also eat healthy and try avoiding junk food.

Take care and stay beautiful.😊

3 thoughts on “Effective remedies to vanish acne.”

  1. Hey!
    Great post, I am not usually prone to pimples, but every once in while, I get one or two, and sometimes that rare 3 or 4. I just recently changed face washes and lotions. I will definitely give the honey one a try since I usually have that around the house and the honey with lemon juice as well. Thank you for the tips, very useful information.


    P.S a person’s “diet” can also be a cause to pimples, so good job in adding that portion as well!

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