Smart switches to healthy habits – Health / Beauty /fitness goals

Everyone of us just wants to look perfect,want to have a glowing blemish free skin,perfectly carved toned bodies just like that of our favourite actors,models and all those whom we desire to look like.But is it the way we really are? NOOOOOO…..

Do we have the perfect flat belly  ,or the abs ,the radiant glowing face which doesnt need layers of makeup to cover it up.?Can we just dare to go out without putting any cosmetic on our face,be it a face cream,foundation,a lipgloss.Can we just dare to look just our actual true selves?? May be no one or a very few of us.

Dont we worry about the cellulites or fats building up on almost everypart of our body? Or may be just too lean to have even the proper muscular proportion.It’s never the way we want to look.

Also as soon as we realise the truth about ourselves ,our imperfect figures, we rush up to follow some very strict health regimes,curtailing diets,joining gym etc.But this motivation doesn’t last long, because as a matter of fact none of us have time to continue it.Also becomes boring after sometime.

Over a period of time I have started changing my food habits.My workout routines are replaced by some basic day to day physical activities that i used to skip ,just out of laziness.Many many more habits I am inculcating to get a ‘better Me’ version.

The overall idea is that i have started switching my daily habits or routines to healthier ones.And yes it has worked out for me.Still much to attain..I have just started.

I want you people to join me ,so that we all can follow it together and motivate each other to reach our fitness or beauty goals.

So everyday I am going to share 1 switch or 1 very easy healthy habit.

Lets get started. ☺

My first tip will be posted in my next blog..Also do share your opinions ..


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