Smart switches to healthy habits -Health/Beauty/fitness Goals # 1

Hello everybody….

My first health switch is plain water into lemon flavoured water.

Squeeze  1 full lemon to the first glass of water you are taking in the morning.

Lemons are rich source of vitamin C which

  1. Boosts your immunity
  2. Slows the ageing of skin
  3. Prevents dryness in skin
  4. Promotes collagen production which makes the skin firmer.Absence of which causes wrinkles.
  5. Regular consumption aids in weight reduction.

I have already started it a week back.And have found my skin to glow a little.

Let me know if you have found it useful and will try it along with me.

So stay happy ,healthy and beautiful .Take care.😊

Also drop your name or message below in comment section,if you are starting this switch along with me.😀



2 thoughts on “Smart switches to healthy habits -Health/Beauty/fitness Goals # 1”

  1. Sign me up for the Smart Switches club! I actually – out of the blue – just started lemon water last week myself! Crazy!! My skin doesn’t glow (but i have a few years on you :). Ready for the next assignment, Captain.

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    1. Hahaha.Thanks for joining in..
      U hv just started.will definately find difference.
      Personally I have seen great results.I am inspired by my Grandmother.She is 78.She used to hv blood pressure problems and used to keep very ill fews years back.She was on a complete medication.One day she just got fed up and left everything.
      From one of the books,she found this lime juice thing..From then she is just having lemon water .Its been years now and it has worked wonders for her.She has left all medication and is much fit now.
      Also even i experimented it for a few months ,much time back
      I have a very dry skin and really it has helped me out a lot.
      It de toxifies your skin and cleanses your system also.So just continue it.


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