Smart switches to healthy habits -Health/Beauty/Fitness Goals # 2

Hello friends.Its our second day today of healthy switches.Let’s start with our second easy switch.

Swap your cold drinking water with luke warm water.

           Or atleast try to drink 1 bottle of luke warm water daily, .But dont get confused.The minimum intake should be 3 – 4 litres of water daily,but yes try sipping 1 bottle of lukewarm water.

It helps as below ☺

  1. Dissolving the excess fats stored in our body.
  2. Reduces bloating of the stomach or face.
  3. Very beneficial if taken after lunch or dinner as it slows the absorption of fats and reduces the chances of your putting on weight easily.
  4. Flushes out the toxins.

    How to make it easy.

    The best easy method I try is that I dont boil or heat the water every time I want to drink warm water.I just fill my complete bottle with lukewarm water and sip it up every time I feel thirsty.

    Hot drinking water is also availble in offices .If not just carry a bottle of it from home.

    Is’nt it easy people?? 

    So try this switch regularly and you will find a happy change.☺Let me know if you are starting it.

    Stay happy,fit and beautiful.



    12 thoughts on “Smart switches to healthy habits -Health/Beauty/Fitness Goals # 2”

      1. No prbs..u can have cold water too.But jus make sure to have minimum 2 glasses of lukewarm water in a day or start with smaller volumes if u wish to..Try it,its so easy..☺
        Feeling happy dat u r participating actively .I feel lyk a school teacher instructing the kids..😀😀
        But yes keep your spirits high and follow these lill easy switches..You will reach your goals for sure.👍✌

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