Rand😊m thoughts….

My life is my choice and only I am the best judge to it..!!! 😎


5 thoughts on “Rand😊m thoughts….”

      1. That being the case, why do we tolerate “Civil” Laws, cops, the FBI, NSA, CIA, NASA, United Nations, the military, Border Patrol, billions of crimes on the “books” that allow for crimes curiously absent of victims, the Congress, the Senate and the White House? With that kind of “radical” thinking, how is it that we’ve arrived at the conclusion that being free is being governed, or being governed is being free? How is it that we allow approximately five hundred (500) insidiously evil criminals in Washington, D.C. and just thirteen (13) insanely evil families to gain access to the kinds of powers that enable them total dominion over every aspect of our lives?

        Bill Ernstberger

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