Why should I care ? An answer to those who actually don’t.. !!

​I wake up in a cozy bed,
Everyday my life , I explore.
I don’t hear the morning gunfires,
I don’t feel dead when a bullet strikes my bosom, with a jolt…

I play the music loud in my ears,trot to my office, end the evenings in celebrations and cheers..
Why should I care ,when a child silently sobs for his father , his wife gets numb in pain or sheds unsupressable tears…!

I draw the blueprint of my entire life,I set my goal.
I cherish my past ,my progressive future I envision, I flaunt and adore…!
Why should I care ,when a family feeds on the left overs, when their breadwinner is no more…

I chose my comfortable profession, they have chosen theirs.
May be they had a nonsensical passion to save the nation from fears and despair…

Ohh Yeahh..But I am a modernizer..
I preach the freedom to practise ,without prejudice ,the arts..!!
Even if terrorism mercilessly sheds the blood of our saviors or tears the humanity apart…!!

I live my life in serenity,
with my dear ones’ safety ,intact and assured..
Why should I lament when an ordinary Indian soldier fights his entire life ,for my nation or is not anymore..                   At last, it was hìs own choice ,his obvious chore..!!


24 thoughts on “Why should I care ? An answer to those who actually don’t.. !!”

  1. Good 😊 poetry….

    And the moral of the story is very true and heartbreaking..
    but sometimes instead of being depressed with feelings of helplessness..
    it’s better to shut it out and shut it off..
    all the sorrows in the world 🌎.. is so heart ❤️ wrenching and people like me and you who is struggling for survival.. it’s way beyond our control to help..

    But let’s keep on praying for those who has to go through this.. and have no other choice but..

    And gives thanks 🙏🏻 that we don’t.. and be grateful for the paradise we live in..

    Great 👍 job though with the poetry of dedication


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