In context of demonitisation -Respect the purpose, Be a rational Indian.

​Before putting allegations for the change ,calling it drastic,unplanned or irrational ,RESPECT THE PURPOSE.. !!

We are fighting ,arguing over little or even too much inconvenience.. Just because today we feel poor ,helpless and bound. We are endlessly accusing the big step of a leader , because we always vote for a party and not for the nation… We people are making a stronger say and proving that “Yes we the people who just aspire of making our nation a better place, but dont have the real guts to support a change..made for a special purpose of service ” .  

Today we realise  ,all of sudden, the pangs of poverty because we have been going through it past one week..Today we realise the  feeling of bankrutpcy. The pain of our means ,pelf being snatched away…Just like the millions of unfortunate people feel every single day of their lives.
Realise …TODAY EVERY INDIAN IS EQUAL. !! Atleast till the time everything gets settled..and I am proud of it… This is the change..Don’t you still feel it??
 The richest and the people who have hoarded money from the govt. projects, black marketings etc. and best possible ways of dirty practises ,have lost it almost or atleast realised that they cant play the bad game in the long run.

And for those people who were underpriveleged, struggling each day for a meal also..are continuing that still and since ages. So how come people all of a sudden now realise that this step is being ethically incorrect??? How come almost everybody is sympathizing for the downtrodden..Is it logical..
And Yess.. As far as planning and execution allegations are concerned..What service has anyone of us given to the nation or people who need our big help….Has anyone of us ever made a big effort..or tried to bring a big change..(not talking of small efforts ,everybody does that.) Or atleast have you been 100 % honest till date….NO …right

So stop blaming and start working…or atleast if that also isn’t posble, respect if anyone else is trying for that..
I dont think anyone  who is opposing, has acuatly succeeded in every single decision . Or every govt prior to the current one has never failed before…??

If that was the case of zero failures of previous govts and dedicated citizens,we would’nt have landed to such a situation where our country secures a cool rank in corruption , poverty, illetracy and the foremost an unplanned and  unsystematic country..

Or is it only the so called Modi govt. that brought the nation to this plight..?Answer this question to yourselves.

Don’t support or oppose a political party, government or even a person.. Support or oppose the thought ,the cause and the purpose behind it…!!! Be a rational Indian..


28 thoughts on “In context of demonitisation -Respect the purpose, Be a rational Indian.”

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  1. The wife and I really love this blog and appreciate the creativity and inspiration you provide. If you ever decide to take this blog to the next level by offering a Mobile App version I would love to be of service for an extremely low price, we appreciate the hard work you have put into this blog and wish you all future success in business and in life.
    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.

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  2. “Don’t support or oppose a political party, government or even a person.. Support or oppose the thought ,the cause and the purpose behind it.”

    This is a great line, and it’s true for people in my country (the US) to read it as well. Too many people, including myself, get too caught up in supporting a political party or a politician. That’s not what we should be doing. Instead, we should always keep our eyes on the main goal: making our nations more just, equitable, and better places to live in. And we can’t just expect politicians to make that happen. We have to be the real leaders, by changing our everyday behaviors and values.

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  3. Your advise is very educating. But, note you that, any government, system or business without opposition or critics is bound to fail. Nothing fails like success. Some times, critics helps in protection, monitoring and good management of business, government or system. Critics help players correct their errors even inside the field. Critics help intelligent authors to make amends in their works. So, critics contributes to the success of every government with intelligent leaders.

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  4. I agree with each one of your words, we were two weeks away from our wedding when demonetisation was declared. We could barely manage to pay off the vendors, and even make other arrangements.

    And yet, none of us hated Modi for even one bit, while people were crying over for just a month’s inconvenience.

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