9 thoughts on “Quotes ”

  1. I am all glad we all have our own free will. The idea that we die into nothing always amazed me especially when we are remarkable as a human being, our remarkable world and forests, plants, lakes, seas, oceans, animals, insects, die to nothing all different all amazing in fact we as humans could never make. Diseases we try to cure, while we destroy the world with toxins and pollution rather stupid if you ask me.
    This world is amazing and it was made for us. Whether you believe it or not it just did not happen, and if it did God made it. Our brain is our conscience, we know good from bad that it why we are fools most of the time. Our reason for being on earth is to decide whether we want to return to heaven as we were all thrown out during a war in heaven. Amazing that we look up to the stars and learn more about that worlds within worlds with belief and cannot believe in God because he does not shake our hand as the world is not enough, we are like children we have to know for sure even if it is not visual yet we know the feeling of love and hate sadness empathy feelings that we know but do not see. YET when we believe in God our feelings are then fairy tales even though we can feel the spirit when we pray, even though we know some miracles happen, and small children who died and return say they saw grandma, let’s just say there is far more we don’t know than we know and our brain is something we know nothing about.


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