HappyUs# Newfriends#fun#πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Hiiiiiiiii…. my buddies around the globe .Hope you all are doing great and having a super happy life.Even if not,thats okay.Just assume it like I do.πŸ˜€

I have recently started blogging and have found it much more intresting than my regular boring profession.It’s much fun.

Although we are liking ,commenting and reading the posts of each other,but still we hardly know anything about each other.So lets all try this activity and write 3 – 4 lines about each of ourselves ,so that we get to know who our friends actually are.Also share the link of your own favourite blog below,which you think is a must read and no one should skip it by any  chance also.πŸ˜†

So let’s start the game and make some new friends around our super cute planet.

N yeah.. don’t just like the post and stay quite 😷.Please please  please write something or anything about yourself..!!! It will be fun SERIOUSLY..😁


46 thoughts on “HappyUs# Newfriends#fun#πŸ˜†πŸ˜†”

  1. I’m sasha and I’m a software engineer by profession!Blogging is my passion and one of my favourite pastimes. Crafting, painting, sketching, cooking are my hobbies. I like to make new friends and interact with them and explore their blogs so that i can learn something from each blog. https://sasha1010blog.wordpress.com this is my blog’s link and thanks for the opportunity to describe a little about myself!

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  2. interesting!! although i just now started following you…i would say ur blog is amazing. about me i would say i am quite wierd(ppl say so):D i love even my enemies(that’s y i don’t hv one):D my sense of humour is great…(not really!! u can find out)…:D…i love blogging….n i would like you to read the following…below r the links…

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    1. Hey..tnx for writing ..great to knw abt u.N yeah dont worry , being weird is always cool n diffrnt.. i went through ur poems..they are so from the heart n true..
      I think u have missed the links u mentioned..just check once ..

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    1. Hi Suprith… Great to know abt u.. Hope u are doing good..
      Yeah.. Posting this blog I forgot to write about myself πŸ˜†.. Thanks for reminding.. πŸ‘
      So I am Spardha , a Supply chain professional in a pharma MNC, in bangalore. Writing and music/singing are few things I am passionate about. N currently I am trying to discover my potential in Blogging..

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      1. Hmm.. writing and blogging is a good platform i feel , to express my thoughts.. also its a medium of sharing knowledge and awareness and exchanging ideas with the world around.. this keeps me going and the encouragment by fellow bloggers n frns motivates me..
        Also d thought of living a boring, routine bound corporate life, pushes me more.. πŸ˜†
        What’s your driving factor anyways?

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      2. you nailed it.. i believe knowledge shared is knowledge gain.. whatever inspirational things i experience, what ever knowledge i gain or new things i learn be it technical or non technical , i love sharing that to the lovely people around here ..thats what drives me .. πŸ™‚

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      3. i started in 2012 may be .. i was a blogger writing about financial planning , inpirational and exnterprise blogs in my organisation , i got enormous amazing response from people and was awarded enterprise blogger of the year .and one of my close friend suggested me to spread the knowledge globally and not just to our colleagues .. and here im its been after 4 years been associated with WP. pretty interesting journey ..oh yeah not to forget how i was criticized for every blog in the initial days πŸ™‚

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      4. Much inspiring.. criticism is essential ..it makes us aware of our potential weaknesses.. i appreciate being criticized.but yes, when it gets little over..u really need to give them back nicely..😜

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      5. Hehe.. mine is not an inspiring story like yours..
        i never wrote before on any major platforms, nor participated in competitions.. I just used to write poems in school times ,on things going in the world like social ,environmental issues…n appreciated my ownself , as nobody didπŸ˜†πŸ˜†(i showed to none)..
        in clg , i wrote many poems for someone .. however, failed there . ..but yes in the process of writing atleast for someone, I found out that I have a writing knack and i can do something of it..atlst for myself may be. so last september ,i came to know about blogging.. so just thought of trying myself at it.. N this time for me . N now i love it much.. n will continue doing it..
        So this is my little silly story of how I started..

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      6. ahem .. for someone.. ?? but yeah you should be appreciating yourself .. im glad to be connected with you here .. i also appreciate that you recognised what you love doing and where your talent lies in .. superb

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  3. This a wonderful initiative Spardha. Salutations and congratulations for this. Hope maximum people read and participate, as the universal fact says Knowledge increases by sharing and this is a stepping stone to it.


  4. Good idea, Spardha! I live in the U.S. in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. I taught elementary school for 18 years…mostly Kindergarten, but some years…upper grades. My last nine years were at Bilingual schools…English/Spanish. My first career was at newspapers in editorial and retail advertising…lots of fun! I love to write and am thrilled to meet so many people from around the world. I have been blogging for almost one year!


  5. Heyo!! I’m karthika. I am currently a grade 12 student (writin’ board exans now 😒. A wierd kid wid soo much in mind that is hardly even possible πŸ˜‚
    Blogging is the most fun part of my life and one thing that gives me happiness is my virtual family that I found here at wordpress. I love them as much asI love my real family.
    My link πŸ˜‰
    Must read
    Mahesh Mali (Bhaiyya)


  6. Hi Spardha, It’s nice to meet you. I am a wife (24 yrs.), mother of three children, and at this point a teacher of thousands (about 150 each semester). I enjoy writing, so blogging is a great way to fufill that desire. I look forward to reading your posts in the future.

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  7. jim here writing has followed all my life coming to fruitation at a christmas party when, after describing a midwest usa winter to a party-goer, i was told i should become a writer. all those blogs that i follow i like so here is mine: rockhouse54.wordpress.com

    cheers all!


  8. Hi there I’m Sharon. I’ve been blogging for roughly 8 months, but I considered the idea much longer than that. And I’m not sure I have a favorite blog; it’s like your children–just cannot pick a favorite. πŸ˜‰


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