Belly fat melting detox drink – 15 days challenge

When the desk jobs and the sedentary lifestyles take a toll on your health and land you up into disproportionate figure with a never subsiding and an ever bulging belly, we always go on some crash rescue operations. These times we often starve ourselves to death with the fashionable fad diets that are high on NOTHING or any nutritional benefit…

So here is a soothing detox drink, few glasses of which can really help you liquidate your bulged belly and will set your gut power right..Also this helps you shed a few pounds..

Remember this is not a quick fix, but involves deep cleansing of your stomach engines that is your poor sick intestines, thereby making them spick and span to function more powerful and better.

Here goes the magic recipe 😍

  1. 1.5 litres of water.
  2. Boil 1 spoon of green tea leaves.
  3. Add 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar.
  4. Half sliced lemon with the peel.
  5. Half Orange sliced up with the peel.
  6. Half spoon of turmeric.

Mix the ingredients and allow to rest for an hour. Post an hour, finish the drink within 2- 3 hours of prep.

Try this vitamin C refreshing drink in continuation for 15 days and see the effect.

Points to note: –

  1. Avoid oily and junk food for this duration.
  2. Take a picture of your belly before starting this detoxification and post completion of it.
  3. Do post pictures in the comment section if you find the change.

Take care people. Spead love around.

Tadaaaa !!!


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