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How to loose weight or shed off the extra fats from your body??  #Slimmer Version Me #Chapter 1

Hi friends ..!!! 

 Seeming the same like your old teenage days is a dream for almost everyone, when we did’nt have any weight issues or have to undergo strict diet plans. We ate without restrictions. But as we grow , our lifestyle becomes sedantary, our healthy diets changes to ‘eating by choice’. Consequently , obesity overpowers us..And then begins our endless battle with weight , where we are always at the failing end.

So below are a few simple methods to inculcate in your daily routine, to loose weight effectively. Hope they will help.

And yess!!! The important thing is that you need not follow a strict diet plan and punish your self.

Lukewarm Water Drinking Therapy- Drinking a glassfull of lukewarm water early mornings empty stomach,  helps in dissolving the extra fats . Also having warm water after meals , prevents the absorption of fats present in your foods in your bloodstreams. Also adding lemon juice ,will fasten the process.

Add Salads To Your Meals –A bowlful of salads if included in the daily meals, makes your tummy fuller and you land up eating less of carbohydrates and fats. Also along with this ,the nutritional value of salads boosts up the slowed down metabolism and helps you burn your fats faster.

Don’t Go On A Strict Dieting Plan – Inhibiting yourself to eat for longer durations can act adversely. It slows your metabolism process which thereby reduces breakdown of body fats.  Also food if consumed after longer periods of fasting , seems to be absorbed completely in the blood stream. Hence , eat in small portions ,but after every  few hours. This helps in speeding up the metabolism and thereby weight loss

So here are a few effective tips of weight loss. Will be writing many more but in the second part. Do keep reading..!!!

*Note – Try these few tips regularly  for atleast 21 days and you will find the change.  

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Be Fit & Stay Beautiful…..!!! ☺

Effective remedies for fading away dark spots or hyperpigmentation..

Dark spots is medically termed as hyperpigmentation ,which occurs when the skin is exposed to sun. It causes increase in production of melanocyte cells, causing darkening of skin or black spots. In few cases, it can also be a sign of aging.

There are unlimited cosmetics options  available in the market to conceal these spots but may be of no avail in the long run . Also can be a reason for skin damage ,if used for long.

So below are few simple and effective natural tips ,which aid in vanishing these dark spots.

1. Combination of 4 teaspoons of butter milk and 2 teaspoons of tomato juice serves as an effective solution to fade away dark spots.

2. Massaging the pigmented area with vitamin E oil works wonders in eliminating acne scars and brown spots from face. Similarly, honey can also be applied.

3. Mix some sandalwood powder in rose water to make a paste and apply this on your neck and face to eliminate age spots on skin.

4. Prepare an exfoliating mask by mixing milk ,honey and oatmeal. Apply it on face and neck for ten minutes and rinse it off.

5. Lemon a citurs fruit acts as a bleaching agent. Applying lemon juice is great home remedy for black spots on face.

6. Aloe vera has healing powers. It’s constant usage can help in fading away of dark spots.
Try these methods regulary at your home for 15 – 20 days and you will begin to notice a change.
So bye guys ..Take care. Stay fit and beautiful..!!

The Essential Superfood Series – No. 1 Amla or Indain Gooseberry ( Benefits of Amla)

The Indian Gooseberry or commonly known as Amla, well deserves it’s status of being called a Superfood. Loaded with Vitamin C, approximately 8 times of that in an orange, 17 times antioxidants present as that in a pomogranate,Amla undeniably is a powerhouse of minerals and nutrients. Also enriched in Vitamin B complex, Iron, Phosphorous, Calcium , makes it a marvel fruit ,benefiting almost every part of the body.

The exhaustive list of amazing benefits of Amla or Indian Gooseberry is given below.

1. Hair Care -Amla is used in various hair tonics because it strengthens hair roots, prevents greying, improves luster. Amla oil has been found to be very beneficial in preventing hair loss and baldness. The presence of ì , irons and antioxidants impart this property.

2. Improves Vision – Carotene content present in Amla has powerful effect of vision related conditions. It’s vitamin A and carotene content, strengthens the vision , reduces night blindness and macular degeneration.

3. Strengthens the bone – Amla enhances the absorption of calcium in an optimum way and reduces the activity of osteoclasts ( a large multinuclear cell associated with resorption or degeneration of bone).

4. Prevents heart problems – Gooseberry strengthens the heart muscles, thus facilitates the smooth pumping of the blood throughout the body. It also prevents the cholesterol build up, thus reduces the chances of artherosclerosis, plague formation in arteries and vessels. Thus decreases the risk of heart attacks and heart strokes.

5. Keeps infection at bay – Amla has antibacterial properties and reduces the chances of infection,contributing to its antioxidant property and Vitamin C content.

6. Anti -Aging – Amla juice helps maintain the youthful look of the skin as it is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C , which keeps the skin younger . Also reduces fine lines, wrinkles etc.

7. Prevents Cancer – Antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD), inhibits the formation of free radicals. Thus it prevents cancer.

8. Soothes inflammation – The anti-inflammatory property helps in soothing inflammation of joints caused in arthritis.

9. Controls Diabetes – The chromium present helps in controlling the sugar levels of blood. Also stimulates the secretion of insulin.

10. Helps in treatment of hyperacidity – Helps in curing hyperacidity and peptic ulcer. Besides is also a good remedy for diarrhea and dysentery.

11. Relieves Constipation – Juice of Amla regulates bowel movements and treats chronic constipation.

12. Weight loss – Amla juice aids in weight loss by enhancing protien synthesis and burns fats. Creates a positive nitrogen balance and also reduces cholesterol levels.

These innumerable benefits of Amla should be inculcated in diet , to ensure a youthful and healthier you.

Take Care, Stay Fit And Healthy….!!

Wishes.spardha 💚

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    The Essential Superfoods Series !!

    Since I have been a big preacher of naturopathy and believe in healing through nature, I am starting a programme where I will be imparting information about Superfoods as how can they benefit us to stay healthy and fit and also allay away ailments naturally without medications . I myself have tried these natural ways and have found them to be tremendously beneficial. Hope you will find them too.

    The below is the list of Superfoods ,which I will be sharing in the next few days.

    1. #Indian Gooseberry or Amla
    2. #Strawberry
    3. #Garlics
    4. #Flax seeds
    5. #Blueberry
    6. #Spinach
    7. #Asparagus
    8. #Broccoli
    9. #Cucumber
    10. #Lemons

    So stay tuned friends for THE ESSENTIAL SUPERFOODS series and help yourselves out to live a healthier lifestyle with these superfoods.

    Take care ..Stay Fit and Healthy.. ☺


    Incredible Remedies To Cure Wrinkles 

    Wrinkles occur with aging. It happens when the regeneration of collagen in the skin slows down. As a consequence, the skin appears wrinkled or creased. Free radicals and UV rays speed up the process.

    Although, there are may remedies which can be availed to slow down aging or formation of wrinkles. So don’t be disheartened. Just follow a few effective remedies listed below.

    1. Regular application of coconut oil before going to bed, helps in retaining skin moisture and restores the youthfulness of skin. Also over a period of time, decreases the wrinkles.

    2. Apply lemon juice several times a day to get rid of wrinkles.

    3. Soak some almonds overnight. Make a paste and add honey to it. Apply it on your face and keep it for sometime. Scrub it before washing your face.

    4. Take a spoonful of honey, add vitamin E oil. Add a few drops of lemon and some milk powder. Apply this mask on the face and leave it gor 15 – 20 mins. It reduces dark spots and decreases wrinkles on skin.

    5. Apply mashed papaya directly onto the affected area. Let it there be on the skin for 20 minutes and wash it off.

    6. Apply beaten egg whites on wrinkles skin. Let it dry and wash off.

    7. Make powder of dry orange peels and apply this with milk cream.

    8. Keep the skin hydrated. Drink 7 – 8 glasses of water as it accelerates skin regeneration.

    So do try these simple measures as they are very effective in curing wrinkles.

    Take care.. Stay fit and beautiful..☺

    Foods and Lifestyle Changes For Controlling High Blood Pressure / Hypertension

    High blood pressure, medically termed as Hypertension, is a serious health ailment that has been affecting people worldwide. If not treated timely can increase the risk of heart attacks , strokes, diabetes , heart failure, vision loss or metabolic syndrome.

    While medications and pills are available, they may cause side effects like insomnia , leg cramps, anxiety and dizziness. Fortunately, naturopathy and lifestyle changes have greatly aided in lowering high blood pressure.

    The below methods are helpful in keeping hypertension at bay.

    1.Weight lossHaving excess body weight puts pressure on the walls of the artery. Thus , obesity is directly proportional to hypertension and any increase in weight can be dangerous. So first and foremost ,we need to keep a check on weight . Few tips on weight reduction panacea ,are given in the link below.

    Techniques to reduce weight

    2.Reduce Sodium or salts intakeToo much salts or sodium causes water retention , which raises the blood pressure. Hypertension can be reduced to a great extent , if sodium intake is reduced or limited.

    3. Cocoa Extract / ChocolatesCocoa extract or dark chocolates are enriched with flavanols , which may slightly lower the blood pressure in hypertensive people or pre-hypertensive people. However, it should be consumed in limited amounts because of the caffeine or high sugar content.

    4.Go for Garlic Garlics which are used for the treatment of various ailments ,also have found to be an effective remedy for high blood pressure .This is due to the presence of allicin -a sulfur compound.However , it is better to take in tablet form since allicin is a very unstable compound and degenerates in acidic environment ,if kept for longer duration.

    5. Exercise RegularlyA regular involvement in a physical activity or any form of exercise, has shown remarkable results in getting blood pressure back to normal.
    The best types of exercise for lowering blood pressure include walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or dancing. Strength training also can help reduce blood pressure. Talk to your doctor about developing an exercise program.

    6. Boost potassium levels in food Increase in the potassium levels can decrease the effects of sodium on blood pressure. Potassium rich sources are fruits and vegetables. Supplements are not essential.
    So these are the few simple techniques, which can really help in combating with hypertension.

    Pleae revert in case of any concerns .

    Take care & stay fit.
    Wishes.spardha ☺

    Tips for lips care 

    Lips get dark and tanned with exposure to harmful UV rays of the sunlight ,pollution and absence of moisture in the skin. Here are a few simple tips to help u prevent uneven cracked lips and will help them retain the softness and natural pink color.

    1.Take a clean toothbrush and small amount of vaseline and brush it on your lips for a few seconds. It is the best way to remove patches from lips.

    2.Take some turmeric powder and add some milk cream.Massage this mixture on your lips for 5 mins.

    3.Take lemon ridges and scrub your lips. It will remove the darkness of your lips and your lips will become soft and fresh.

    4.Massage your lips with a slice of beetroot for natural pink lips.

    5.Take foods rich in vitamin B and C.

    6.Apply good lip balm on your lips. You can use beewax or glycerine. Make use of lip creams that are moisturizing and are not made of petroleum products that dry out lips.

    7.Avoid using matte color on lips as they dry out lips and result in lines on the lips.

    Belly fat bursting amazing foods – Healthy habits

    Make sure to inculcate them in your diet, they will make sure to reduce the extra inches of your belly.

    1. Green tea – Green tea with lemon and honey is a powerful metabolism stimulator. Drinking it regularly not only aids in weight loss ,but also reduces fat absorption.

    2. Apples – Packed with fibres ,makes you feel your belly full.

    3. Almonds- A nut with belly bursting power. It reduces the cravings and helps in muscle building. It is a very convenient snack. Ensure to have it with skin.

    4. Spinach – This low calorie (only 40 calories per cup)highly versatile food is a belly fat must have. Also it is a good source of calcium.

    5. Nut butters – They are a great source of monosaturated fats ,which helps drop the belly fat.

    6. Consume omega 3 fatty acids. They target the tummy fats.

    7. Certain foods like seeds ,nuts, apple cider vinegar ,soy, tofu and apple,  help getting rid of the belly fat. Flax seeds and apple are natural appetite suppressants

    8. Tomatoes – Low in calorie and high in water content ,makes it a perfect belly minimizer. It is also a great diuretic which also reduces belly bloating.

    9. Mushrooms – Lack of vitamin D can be associated with higher levels of belly fat. Since they are natural source of vitamin D, they work great on belly fats.

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