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Smart switches to healthy habits – Health /Beauty /Fitness Goals # 5

Hiii everyone !!!.Hope everyone is hale and hearty and as amazing as we interacted last time. Let’s get set for another healthy habit..

Let’s get started.😀

Promise yourself a fruit a day..without fail…!!

Yess guys .Very simple yet very vital . In our hectic schedules ,juggling between office responsiblities,home chores and everything around us ,we often forget the intake of fruits ,which form a very crucial part of a balanced diet plan. Fruits have abundance of minerals,vitamins,fibers which suffice the nutritional need of our body and provide the fuel to the smooth functioning of it.

So now let’s try to have atleast 1 fruit in a day. Have it either for the breakfast or as an evening snack. But ensure not to skip it . This small habit can really make a big change . A regular intake of fruits allays away tiredness,makes us feel fitter and also boosts our immunity levels.

So if you dont want to compromise with fitness,dont compromise with healthy habits..

Take care guys and ensure to follow it.It’s simple but super healthy.

Stay fit ,healthy and keep smiling.😊


Foods for a younger glowing skin.

Here are some foods below, which slows down the process of ageing and maintains your skin young, radaint and fresh always..If you start observing wrinkles or dryness in your skin ,do try the below foods.

  • Berries – These are packed with antìoxidants which neutralise the damaging free radicles.They help in the production of collagen ,which keeps your skin firm and smooth.      
  • Yogurt – It is high in vitamin B, which is essential for multiple body functions ,including cell growth and division.
  • Foods high in water content such as cucumbers,melons,peaches,apples are some of the best hydrating solutions to your skin.They keep away the dryness,wrinkles and make you look fresh faced all time.   
  • Zinc,selenium and copper -These minerals are required for collagen production.Some of these foods are walnuts ,chickpeas,dryfruits and chicken.                                                       
  • Carrots and tomatoes – These veggies are stocked up with antioxidants,both of which protect against damaging free radicles.            
  • Broccoli,beet roots and red cabbage – These veggies minimize the toxicity that buildup in the bloodstream, which eventually dulls our complextion.These veggies can prevent it and add radiance to your dull skin.                                                                     
  • Kiwi fruit- It has has content of vitamic C ,which slowing down the ageing process and keeps the skin young and wrinkle free .                        
  • Spinach – It has exceptional luetin content.It has tons of vitamins including folate,which aids in the production and maintenance of new cells and RBCs.

Including these foods in your daily diet plan can really slow down the ageing of skin and makes you stay young for long.☺

Daily routine hair care tips for healthy ,strong and lustrous hair.

We feel more beautiful when we have lustrous, strong and manageable hair.

But in the daily hustle bustle of life,we dont get much time to take care of our hair and make them amazing ,strong and beautiful.
Here are 5 great tips that help you maintain your hair and keep them shiny and heathy.These are some simple techniques which can be done on daily basis,as they hardly take much time and are very simple to follow.

1.Massage your hair roots- Make it a daily routine to massage your hair roots very gently with your finger tips ,atleast 2-3 minutes on daily basis..This can be done at bedtime.A gentle head massage can really boost oxgen flow to your hair follicles and make them grow thicker and stronger.It promotes new hair growth too.Regular massaging can help the hair grow in the bald areas also.

2.Include protiens in your diet– Hair is made up of keratin, which is basically a protein,so not eating sufficient amount of protien rich foods can really make your hair weak and brittle.Some protien sources are eggs,pulses,meat,soy milk etc.Have protien rich foods on daily basis and in few weaks you will find a difference in the texture of your hair.The brittleness will vanish.

3.Eat cucumbers- Recently i have found out through research and experimented myself that eating cucumbers add lustre to hair.Cucumbers are rich in silica content.They make the hair shiny and lustrous.Well, who wants dry hair ??So surely try this one.Try to eat a cucumber regulary.It will help you eliminate the dryness of your hair.

4.Drink water – Water hydrates body and the hair too.Scarcity of water in body not only makes body dry but makes the hair also rough and weak,which causes more breakage and split ends
So drink 3- 4 lts of water daily ,to keep your hair smooth and strong.

5.Smile more and stress less– Stress affects hair health as it disturbs your metabolism and normal body functioning.So keep your self calm and meditate a little when you feel stressed out.A 10 min routine of daily meditation not only helps hair but relaxes your full body also.It slowing ageing.

Mustard oil and it’s amazing benefits for hair health..!!

Our ancient cultures have a lot to offer.However being the generation ‘today’,we always have qualms on our  ancient naturopathy techniques.

Mustard oil as a reserve of nourishment

Mustard oil is a rich source of antioxidants,essential alpha fatty acids ,multiple vitamins like A,D,E,K. It also has abundant quantities of zinc ,beta carotene and selenium. Additionally it  has calcium, magnesium ,iron  and protiens. In brief ,almost everything that boosts up your hair health.

The innumerous benefits of mustard oil are listed below.

1.Fights baldness and aids in hair growth –  The beta carotene present in it converts into vitamin A and helps in growth of new hair ,also in the bald areas.

2.Hairfall prevention and split ends – Hairfall , spilt ends occur when the hair are weak and unhealthy. Loaded with minerals & vitamins , mustard oil fights hair dryness , improves hair health and shine.It also makes the hair strong and thick , thus leading to prevention of hair fall.

3.Conditions the hair – Application of mustard oil an hour before  a hair wash , nourishes the follicles and hair strands to the core. Thus decreases the dryness and gives lustrous hair after a hairwash, with your regular shampoo also.

4.Antiseptic property – It has amazing antiseptic properties , so when applied to scalp, helps in fighting or preventing any kind of infections.

Mustard oil ,unlike other expensive cosmetic hair oils , is very reasonable and easily available . It’s regular usage can improve hair health and can allay away all the health related problems in day to day life.

In case of any queries upon the same ,please revert. Hope this will be beneficial.

Smart switches to healthy habits – Health /Beauty /Fitness goals #4

Amazing to be back again after a little break ..I am sharing my switch no 4 for a fitter and  healthy body..Hope this will help..

Make sure to replace 1 cup of your regular beverage with 1 cup of green tea.

Generally, most of us have a tendency to sip on an average, 3- 4 cups of tea/coffee or any other beverage ,in a day’s time.

So can we all make a small promise to ourselves to replace our 1 cup with a healthy antioxidant rich drink,that is green tea.

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages due to the presence of polyphenols and cathechins,which are powerful antioxidants. Also one of the powerful compounds are Epigallocatechin Gallate, has been studied to treat various diseases and has healing properties.

  Green tea has tremendous health benefits ,some of them are given here.

  • It increases fat burning and improves physical performance.
  • Antioxidants in green tea lowers the risk of various types of cancer.
  • It kills bacteria and improves dental health. Also lowers the risk of infection.
  • Green tea lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It lowers the risk of becoming obese.

So is’nt it amazing  that one drink offers you so much of health??

 Let’s commence this health switch from today onwards.Also write in the comments section and let me know who all are joining me..!!