De-tanning your skin naturally

Tanning is hard to get rid off but not impossible. Below are some simple tan removing tips, which if followed on regular basis for 1- 2 weeks can really help in removing tan.

Powder the kernel of walnut and mix it with 2 tablespoon of milk. Apply it for 20 mins and wash off.

Lemon is a great bleaching agent. It’s juice can be directly applied to the tanned area. Wash off once it dries.

Aloe vera gel is an excellent remedy to fade away tan. Wash off the tanned area and apply a small amount of aloe vera gel. Massage it thoroughly. One can notice the result in 10- 15 days.It also helps cleanse and nourish the skin.

Raw potato juice if applied to the tanned area regularly ,helps in fading tan.It  is a great bleaching agent.

Mash the papaya pulp and massage it over tanned area. It not only bleaches the tan but is also a great anti ageing agent.

Try the tips and let me know if they work out for you.Also please comment if you know any.

Take care and stay beautiful.😊



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