Foods for a younger glowing skin.

Here are some foods below, which slows down the process of ageing and maintains your skin young, radaint and fresh always..If you start observing wrinkles or dryness in your skin ,do try the below foods.

  • Berries – These are packed with antìoxidants which neutralise the damaging free radicles.They help in the production of collagen ,which keeps your skin firm and smooth.      
  • Yogurt – It is high in vitamin B, which is essential for multiple body functions ,including cell growth and division.
  • Foods high in water content such as cucumbers,melons,peaches,apples are some of the best hydrating solutions to your skin.They keep away the dryness,wrinkles and make you look fresh faced all time.   
  • Zinc,selenium and copper -These minerals are required for collagen production.Some of these foods are walnuts ,chickpeas,dryfruits and chicken.                                                       
  • Carrots and tomatoes – These veggies are stocked up with antioxidants,both of which protect against damaging free radicles.            
  • Broccoli,beet roots and red cabbage – These veggies minimize the toxicity that buildup in the bloodstream, which eventually dulls our complextion.These veggies can prevent it and add radiance to your dull skin.                                                                     
  • Kiwi fruit- It has has content of vitamic C ,which slowing down the ageing process and keeps the skin young and wrinkle free .                        
  • Spinach – It has exceptional luetin content.It has tons of vitamins including folate,which aids in the production and maintenance of new cells and RBCs.

Including these foods in your daily diet plan can really slow down the ageing of skin and makes you stay young for long.☺



Back again with a new chapter or some more crucial tips to the slimmer version me. These will certainly aid you loose the extra pounds slowly and in a healthier way over a period of time.


Increasing the proteins in your diets helps increasing the metabolism. The higher the metabolism, the faster is the process of fats burning. Protein requires more energy for digestion into smaller and absorbable components.

Its has higher ‘TEF’ or thermal effect of food which is the energy required for breaking down foods. Thus , include more protien sources in your diet like chicken , fish, pulses, legumes, milk, nuts etc. to burn the extra fats for their digestion process.


Don’t completely cut down the carbohydrate intake but reduce the amount to 50%. This will satiate the urge of carbs , also will provide adequate fuel for body processes without making you gain any weight. Also remember don’t completely cut it off from your diet as complete isolation may increase your urge to have more and in bigger quantities.


Simple yet very effective. A small walk after every meals , keeps your metabolism boosted and inturn increases the energy consumption and breaking down of fats. So by any chance , dont skip this very vital walk , if you are really serious about loosing weight.

Hope you find these simple tips helpful. I promise that inculcating them in your daily regime will definately help you reduce weight and maintain the same in a gradual but an effective and permanent manner.

Remember, following a strict diet plan will always make you loose weight instantly but in a unheathy manner. It will not only drain out the nutrition from your body but also your body may not be able to adapt the sudden change and you may gain more weight after you get back to your normal diet. The body after a long period of starvation tends to store more food reserves in form of fats, to suffice such sudden starvation situations.

So people meet you all next time with some more effective tips that you can include in your lifestlye not only to fight away obesity but also maintain the weight lost in this process..

Please read the chapter 1 of SLIMMER VERSION ME to start with the weight loss resolution..!!


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My unexpressed emotions … Happy Mother’s Day!!!

​Kehte hain tere pairon main jannat hai..
Manti hu yeh baat kyunki dharti p mere liye tu  meri maa, tu hi mandir, tere hi liye hi meri har mannat h..

Meri ankh mai ik ansu bhi na aye tu muje har had tak sambhalti hai..
Mere jeevan main ujala aaye uske liye maa tu khud ko har paristithi mai dhaalti hai..

Tu muje apne aanchal main dhakh kar jeevan key har dar se bacha leti hai..
Meri choti si bhi muskaan,  tere chehre p kathinaaiyon key aansu sukha deti hai..

Teri mamta ka ambaar lagaye din rat tu mere liye jaagti h…
Khuda s har waqt khud ko bhul  apne gum main bhi  tu meri khushi mangti hai.

Main kitna bhi krlu tere liye maa  , hamesha kam hi hoga…
Tere lye zindgi bhi haste haste nyochavar krdu , muje gam na hoga…

Tere komal dil ko dukh na pahuchau kabhi , itna chahti hu..
Tere kadmo  main khushi se tere lye mar bhi jaun kabhi itna khuda ko samjhati hu…

Zada nhi de paungi par ,
Koshish karungi hamesha tere chehre p meri vajah s muskan ho,
Main tumhari beti tumhara ghamand , tumhari aan shan ho..

Vada krti hu tumne jo sikhaya h us sikhsha se dunia mai tumhara sar ucha karuangi…. 
Bahut khushi hogi us din jab main dunia mai apne nahi tumhare naam se jaani jaungi..

Tere liye maa mera jeevan samarpit h..
Tu meri khuda nahi , par uss se bhi badh kar mere liye,  is dharti par meri pyari s jannat h..!!!

Dedicated to my mom..😙😙
& Salute to all mother’s for being so selfless and amazing.. Hats offf to all of you for being so incredibly adorable…..!!!!!

Daily routine hair care tips for healthy ,strong and lustrous hair.

We feel more beautiful when we have lustrous, strong and manageable hair.

But in the daily hustle bustle of life,we dont get much time to take care of our hair and make them amazing ,strong and beautiful.
Here are 5 great tips that help you maintain your hair and keep them shiny and heathy.These are some simple techniques which can be done on daily basis,as they hardly take much time and are very simple to follow.

1.Massage your hair roots- Make it a daily routine to massage your hair roots very gently with your finger tips ,atleast 2-3 minutes on daily basis..This can be done at bedtime.A gentle head massage can really boost oxgen flow to your hair follicles and make them grow thicker and stronger.It promotes new hair growth too.Regular massaging can help the hair grow in the bald areas also.

2.Include protiens in your diet– Hair is made up of keratin, which is basically a protein,so not eating sufficient amount of protien rich foods can really make your hair weak and brittle.Some protien sources are eggs,pulses,meat,soy milk etc.Have protien rich foods on daily basis and in few weaks you will find a difference in the texture of your hair.The brittleness will vanish.

3.Eat cucumbers- Recently i have found out through research and experimented myself that eating cucumbers add lustre to hair.Cucumbers are rich in silica content.They make the hair shiny and lustrous.Well, who wants dry hair ??So surely try this one.Try to eat a cucumber regulary.It will help you eliminate the dryness of your hair.

4.Drink water – Water hydrates body and the hair too.Scarcity of water in body not only makes body dry but makes the hair also rough and weak,which causes more breakage and split ends
So drink 3- 4 lts of water daily ,to keep your hair smooth and strong.

5.Smile more and stress less– Stress affects hair health as it disturbs your metabolism and normal body functioning.So keep your self calm and meditate a little when you feel stressed out.A 10 min routine of daily meditation not only helps hair but relaxes your full body also.It slowing ageing.

Mustard oil and it’s amazing benefits for hair health..!!

Our ancient cultures have a lot to offer.However being the generation ‘today’,we always have qualms on our  ancient naturopathy techniques.

Mustard oil as a reserve of nourishment

Mustard oil is a rich source of antioxidants,essential alpha fatty acids ,multiple vitamins like A,D,E,K. It also has abundant quantities of zinc ,beta carotene and selenium. Additionally it  has calcium, magnesium ,iron  and protiens. In brief ,almost everything that boosts up your hair health.

The innumerous benefits of mustard oil are listed below.

1.Fights baldness and aids in hair growth –  The beta carotene present in it converts into vitamin A and helps in growth of new hair ,also in the bald areas.

2.Hairfall prevention and split ends – Hairfall , spilt ends occur when the hair are weak and unhealthy. Loaded with minerals & vitamins , mustard oil fights hair dryness , improves hair health and shine.It also makes the hair strong and thick , thus leading to prevention of hair fall.

3.Conditions the hair – Application of mustard oil an hour before  a hair wash , nourishes the follicles and hair strands to the core. Thus decreases the dryness and gives lustrous hair after a hairwash, with your regular shampoo also.

4.Antiseptic property – It has amazing antiseptic properties , so when applied to scalp, helps in fighting or preventing any kind of infections.

Mustard oil ,unlike other expensive cosmetic hair oils , is very reasonable and easily available . It’s regular usage can improve hair health and can allay away all the health related problems in day to day life.

In case of any queries upon the same ,please revert. Hope this will be beneficial.

How to loose weight or shed off the extra fats from your body??  #Slimmer Version Me #Chapter 1

Hi friends ..!!! 

 Seeming the same like your old teenage days is a dream for almost everyone, when we did’nt have any weight issues or have to undergo strict diet plans. We ate without restrictions. But as we grow , our lifestyle becomes sedantary, our healthy diets changes to ‘eating by choice’. Consequently , obesity overpowers us..And then begins our endless battle with weight , where we are always at the failing end.

So below are a few simple methods to inculcate in your daily routine, to loose weight effectively. Hope they will help.

And yess!!! The important thing is that you need not follow a strict diet plan and punish your self.

Lukewarm Water Drinking Therapy- Drinking a glassfull of lukewarm water early mornings empty stomach,  helps in dissolving the extra fats . Also having warm water after meals , prevents the absorption of fats present in your foods in your bloodstreams. Also adding lemon juice ,will fasten the process.

Add Salads To Your Meals –A bowlful of salads if included in the daily meals, makes your tummy fuller and you land up eating less of carbohydrates and fats. Also along with this ,the nutritional value of salads boosts up the slowed down metabolism and helps you burn your fats faster.

Don’t Go On A Strict Dieting Plan – Inhibiting yourself to eat for longer durations can act adversely. It slows your metabolism process which thereby reduces breakdown of body fats.  Also food if consumed after longer periods of fasting , seems to be absorbed completely in the blood stream. Hence , eat in small portions ,but after every  few hours. This helps in speeding up the metabolism and thereby weight loss

So here are a few effective tips of weight loss. Will be writing many more but in the second part. Do keep reading..!!!

*Note – Try these few tips regularly  for atleast 21 days and you will find the change.  

In case of any queries .. write back to me at

Be Fit & Stay Beautiful…..!!! ☺

Effective remedies for fading away dark spots or hyperpigmentation..

Dark spots is medically termed as hyperpigmentation ,which occurs when the skin is exposed to sun. It causes increase in production of melanocyte cells, causing darkening of skin or black spots. In few cases, it can also be a sign of aging.

There are unlimited cosmetics options  available in the market to conceal these spots but may be of no avail in the long run . Also can be a reason for skin damage ,if used for long.

So below are few simple and effective natural tips ,which aid in vanishing these dark spots.

1. Combination of 4 teaspoons of butter milk and 2 teaspoons of tomato juice serves as an effective solution to fade away dark spots.

2. Massaging the pigmented area with vitamin E oil works wonders in eliminating acne scars and brown spots from face. Similarly, honey can also be applied.

3. Mix some sandalwood powder in rose water to make a paste and apply this on your neck and face to eliminate age spots on skin.

4. Prepare an exfoliating mask by mixing milk ,honey and oatmeal. Apply it on face and neck for ten minutes and rinse it off.

5. Lemon a citurs fruit acts as a bleaching agent. Applying lemon juice is great home remedy for black spots on face.

6. Aloe vera has healing powers. It’s constant usage can help in fading away of dark spots.
Try these methods regulary at your home for 15 – 20 days and you will begin to notice a change.
So bye guys ..Take care. Stay fit and beautiful..!!

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