Mustard oil and it’s amazing benefits for hair health..!!

Our ancient cultures have a lot to offer.However being the generation ‘today’,we always have qualms on our ancient naturopathy techniques.

Mustard oil as a reserve of nourishment

Mustard oil is a rich source of antioxidants,essential alpha fatty acids ,multiple vitamins like A,D,E,K. It also has abundant quantities of zinc ,beta carotene and selenium. Additionally it has calcium, magnesium ,iron and protiens. In brief ,almost everything that boosts up your hair health.

The innumerous benefits of mustard oil are listed below.

1.Fights baldness and aids in hair growth – The beta carotene present in it converts into vitamin A and helps in growth of new hair ,also in the bald areas.

2.Hairfall prevention and split ends – Hairfall , spilt ends occur when the hair are weak and unhealthy. Loaded with minerals & vitamins , mustard oil fights hair dryness , improves hair health and shine.It also makes the hair strong and thick , thus leading to prevention of hair fall.

3.Conditions the hair – Application of mustard oil an hour before a hair wash , nourishes the follicles and hair strands to the core. Thus decreases the dryness and gives lustrous hair after a hairwash, with your regular shampoo also.

4.Antiseptic property – It has amazing antiseptic properties , so when applied to scalp, helps in fighting or preventing any kind of infections.

Mustard oil ,unlike other expensive cosmetic hair oils , is very reasonable and easily available . It’s regular usage can improve hair health and can allay away all the health related problems in day to day life.

In case of any queries upon the same ,please revert. Hope this will be beneficial.


43 thoughts on “Mustard oil and it’s amazing benefits for hair health..!!”

    1. Yup … its made my hair much smooth n hairfall has also stopped… I have tried many oils , as my hair had become much rough and brittle.. but 2 months back , i switched to mustard oil. I used to use it in my childhood and my hair were great that time.. Again i can feel that the quality of my hair is improving.

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  1. I really appreciate this information. I have thin spots on my head, so I bought a laser comb. Its doing the job, along with my shea butter, but it seems like mustard oil would be better. Thanks for liking my poem.

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  2. Whaaaat ?! Let me find out! Lol I loved this post! I’m all about hair growth. I’m gonna try this ! I’ve never heard of this!! Maybe you can take a look at my blog and I’d be happy to exchange likes we actually like of eachothers and a follow

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